About Us

We first began experimenting with composites during 2005 and from that beginning our knowledge and understanding of how to work with these materials has allowed us to be able to undertake most projects and tasks that are asked of us.

Our experience includes working with aramid, carbon, e-fibre, glass fibre cloths and most resin systems. Our preferred resin system to work with is epoxy for its superior performance, allowing components to be both lighter and stronger, when compared to polyester resin systems.

We use the following techniques, 'compression casting', 'pre-preg', 'vacuum moulding' and 'wet-lay' methods and can choose the most appropriate method for the required task or replication when making replacements for obsolete original parts.

We have the ability to manufacture components from damaged pieces, drawings and obviously original parts.

Being able to draw upon previous motorsport experience, dating back to 1988, means that there already exists an understanding of what is required and the parameters that we need to operate in so as to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you, contract work undertaken.